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What exactly is the difference between a trial session and a consultation for bridal makeup and wedding hair?  

During a consultation, we will meet with you in person and discuss the bridal makeup and wedding hair looks you have in mind for your wedding day and your budget. We will offer some suggestions and recommendations and match you with the right Professional Makeup Artist and Hairdresser. You and your artist will work together until the perfect look is achieved.

During a trial session, we will go beyond just talking and actually do the exact bridal makeup and wedding hair look we discussed during consultation. We will also try different bridal makeup and wedding hair looks if you are uncertain which best suits you. You will have a very accurate idea of the look you have dreamed of and the peace of mind that come the big day – you will look exactly how you had envisioned. The trial session and consultation can be scheduled in the same day or separate on separate days.

Why do you need a trial session for your bridal hair and wedding makeup?

Imagine the day of your wedding, the clock is ticking closer to your ceremony and you want everything to be perfect. Many things are happening all at once and there are time limitations. You may not have the flexibility to make any changes if you are not satisfied with the look of the hair and makeup you had chosen earlier during your consultation.

This doesn’t mean that we cannot make you look absolutely gorgeous without a trial session. However, when it comes to hair and makeup, your personal preferences play a big role. We want you to look your best, with perfect confidence that your wedding hair and makeup represents you at your best.

When is the best time for your trial session?

You should schedule your trial session within 2 to 3 months before your wedding day. Brides who do the trial session too early often end up changing their looks several times over. On top of having to pay more for the extra trial sessions, you could easily end up choosing to settle for a look that is not the best for you.

If you are an early planner, you can absolutely schedule your trial session far in advance if you already have all your wedding accessories ready – hair accessories, jewelry, veil and everything else. We recommend that you schedule your trial session with us on the same day as one of your dress fittings.  If you can get the whole picture, why not?

Other great opportunities to schedule a trial session are the day of your engagement photo shoot or your bridal shower. You can preview your wedding makeup and hair in action and in pictures which will allow you to decide on any changes you wish to make to your look before the big day arrives.

How should you prepare for your trial session?

Working with bridal makeup artist and wedding hair stylist can take between 2-3 hours for your trial session. It is helpful to do a little homework before hand to provide your artist with some inspiration photos. These images will most effectively communicate what you want and save a lot of time.

Please carry along all the accessories that you will wear on your neck and above (tiara, veil, earrings, necklace and other accessories). It is also a great idea to wear a white top that has neckline similar to that of your wedding dress.

Your hair should be clean and completely dry. This way, it will be easier for us to style and switch between different looks if necessary.On the night before, use a gentle exfoliant on your skin and lips. The smoother your skin, the better your makeup.

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